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New York Times
New York Times
Obama Recruits 9 Allies to Help in the Battle Against ISIS
NEWPORT, Wales — President Obama escalated the American response to the marauding Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Friday, recruiting at least ...
British Family Hiked to Stonehenge to Take a Selfie With Obama
President Barack Obama meets a family in a field as he visits Stonehenge after leaving the NATO summit in Newport, Wales, Friday, Sept. 5, 2014.
Obama Outperforms Reagan on Jobs, Growth and Investing
I asked readers if Obama could, economically, be the best modern President? Through discussion of that question, the #1 issue raised by readers was ...

Obama assembles Coalition of the Useless to fight ISIS
RedState  streiff (Diary)
After the NATO meeting Obama announced a 10 nation coalition to fight ISIS. None of them have the skills or equipment to contribute more than their ...
Why Are We Hating Obama Today? (He Went To Stonehenge Instead Of Syria That's Why)
Wonkette  Kaili Joy Gray
Sometimes we hate President Obama because he is golfing or dictator-ing or bad-tan-suiting or presidenting while black. But today, kids, we get to ...
About that Obama economy...
Daily Kos (Jed Lewison)
George W. Bush left Barack Obama the Great Recession—more than eight million jobs lost, half of them in the first 14 months of the Obama presidency ...
Obama delays action on immigration
The decision is a striking reversal of Mr. Obama's vow to take action on immigration soon after summer's end. The president made that promise on ...
Obama: Sunni states should fight Islamic State because “that's not what Islam is about”
Jihad Watch  Robert Spencer
Obama outlines strategy to 'ultimately destroy' Islamic State,” by Kathleen Hennessey, Los Angeles Times, September 5, 2014 (thanks to Darcy):.
Is the U.S. Economy Better or Worse Off Under Obama?
In a speech on Monday, President Obama said, “By almost every measure, the American economy and American workers are better off than when I ...
Fast food protesters to be hit with massive job losses when Obama grants amnesty in November
ExcitingAds! Naturals  By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
But the real kicker here is that President Obama is on the verge of legalizing about five million illegal immigrants via executive order. This is apparently ...
this is transparent: president obama can't get any more politically selfish than this!
Gretawire  Greta Van Susteren
The White House just announced President Obama will NOT reveal his immigration decision until AFTER midterm elections. NOTE: this ...

'No One Will Ever Call Michelle Obama A 'Tranny' Again'
Addicting Info  DeWyn
Just two months before her death, Rivers mocked President Obama as “gay” and First Lady MichelleObama as a “tranny,” and caught hell for it from ...
Can Obama Resist Hawks' Pressure to Rush to Syria Quagmire?
Informed Comment  contributors
By Adam Quinn, University of Birmingham via The Conversation. US president Barack Obama has yet to work out exactly what America's strategy is in ...

Obama's Policies Have Only Helped One Group of Americans
President Obama likes to claim he's a champion of the middle class. In fact, the official White House website has an entire section devoted to middle ...
President Obama's strategy against ISIS remains unclear
Obama addressed threat during news conference at NATO summit.
FEAR: Obama, At Record Low Approval, Delays Executive Action on Immigration
President Obama on Saturday suddenly reversed his pledge to act by summer's end and announced that he would not take action on immigration until ...

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