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Brisbane Times
Watch an explosive volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea
An Australian holidaymaker in Papua New Guinea captured an explosive volcanic eruption on camera -- complete with sonic boom. by Michelle Starr · @riding_red; 8 September 2014, 10:37 am AEST. comments. 0. facebook. twitter. linkedin. googleplus.
BBC News
Scientists 'make telepathy breakthrough'
Research led by experts at Harvard University shows technology can be used to send a simple mental message from one person to another without any contact between the two. Neuroscientist Giulio Ruffini told the Today programme: "You can actually ...
Wilderness Act's call for 'untrammeled' lands tough to balance with visitor use
For 71-year-old Bill Cunningham, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act this summer has been an arduous task. Read more. Related Links. 50 Wild Places: Celebrating Montana's Outdoors. AUGUSTA – Consider the wild raspberry. It grows ...
Capital OTC
NASA Curiosity MARS Rover Lacking 'Scientific Focus' Captures Cloud Pictures
A review panel for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) criticized the Curiosity mission regarding its lack in scientific focus. The Mars Curiosity Rover was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 26th, 2011. It landed on the ...
Sky News Australia
Newly-Discovered "Dreadnoughtus" Dinosaur Was Heavier Than A Boeing 737
Theoretically, we all know that millions of years ago, things were bigger. Like, significantly bigger. Everything was huge, in fact. Especially dinosaurs. We know that dinosaurs were pretty large. But the new species of dinosaur found in Argentina, named ...
Fox News
1500-year-old Greek papyrus throws light on early Christianity and 'Last Supper'
Papyrus found in a British library may have been worn by an early Christian as a charm to protect from evil. Long a practice in ancient Egypt, such amulets or charms, but now with Bible passages, were adopted by Christians. (Photo : University of Manchester).
International Business Times
Hot selfie alert: Man dives into active volcano with GoPro
Explorer descends into volcanic crater of bubbling hot lava. And he takes cameras along to document the deed. (Photo : YouTube screenshot). As selfies go, this one went as far as any sane person would probably contemplate; right into the mouth of an active ...
Town Hall
Rebuilt 18th century ship tests French waters
PARIS (AP) — A reconstruction of the 213-foot (65-meter) frigate used by France's Marquis de Lafayette to bring reinforcements to American revolutionaries in 1780 has tested the waters for the first time. The test run at high tide Sunday was a key step in an ...
California Blue Whale Population Once Again on the Rise
After a century of being hunted to near extinction, the population of the California great blue whale, otherwise known as the North Pacific blue whale, is recovering quite nicely. The study, published by the journal Marine Mammal Science, was conducted by ...
Headlines & Global News
Supermoon: Final Event In Summer 'Trilogy' To Light Up The Sky Monday (VIDEO)
The full phase of the harvest moon will occur at 9:38 p.m Sept. 8, but it will be closest to Earth at 11:38 p.m. on Sept. 7, National Geographic reported. At its closes point the moon will be only 222,698 miles from Earth. The harvest supermoon will be 15 percent ...

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